Discovering our territory and natural environment… The four elements that make up our planet – water, fire, earth and air – will be at the heart of this fun and educational festival.

At the heart of this Festival, the 4 elements that make up our planet, the very essence of life, be it vegetable, animal or human and with a very precise role for each one.

In the program, you will have access to creative and scientific workshops, the discovery of crafts, nature outings and guided tours along with festive activities (concerts, shows, sports activities, fireworks…).

Upcoming programme…

Back to the roots ! Born to create links, Les 100 Ciels festival goes on and adapts itself in this way: wherever we are, whatever we are going through, we can always connect to this light within us and shine to the other.

Let’s get together for a festival of inner encounters and sharing, beyond barriers for 3 days of meditation and yoga!

➡️ 3 guided audio meditations with Catherine Wagner
➡️ 3 video yoga sessions with Barbara Porret

Each day, experience 1 meditation and 1 yoga session in the comfort of your own home :

Guided meditations

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  • Sunday 28 February at 10:00 am
  • Monday 01 March at 6.30 pm
  • Tuesday 02 March at 2.30 pm

Information and registration by email: