Instructors: a profession, a passion

There are as many ski instructors as there are ways to make a living from this profession. Discover the portraits of Ryan, Luc and Cédric, three ski instructors from the ESI 360 school in Les Gets. Experienced, young graduates or still in training, they have very different backgrounds and universes but they all share the same passion: skiing and snowboarding. 

Zoom in on these instructors in flash blue suits who will help you discover the pleasures of skiing and snowboarding in all its facets.

Ryan – your perfect guide to Les Gets

Recently graduated as a professional instructor, Ryan is an avid sports enthusiast. Of French-Australian origin, he perfects his skills in both ski and snowboard teaching. A mountain lover, he shares his passion with young and old alike. On the slopes, with him, it’s educational and fun!

At the age of 25, Ryan is passionate about music. As a DJ in his spare time, he sets the atmosphere of the resort in certain bars here in Les Gets. After lessons, he goes on to work at a bar-restaurant in the heart of the village. Meet Ryan on the slopes, in the restaurant and in the bars : the perfect instructor to get to know the resort at your fingertips !

When I give ski or snowboard lessons and the contact is established, it’s always interesting and pleasant to meet the same people out and about. In our profession, you can really make some great connections”.

His dual nationality allows Ryan to welcome people from all over the world. Moreover, his experience in freestyle and free ride will be able to help those who would like to push their limits.

Luc – Born to ski

Born in Les Gets, Luc grew up with skis on his feet. After a number of years in the Les Gets Ski Club, Luc switched to the blue ski suit and started his ski instructor’s training as a matter of course for him! He’s French-Welsh and the youngest member of the 360 team, Les Gets. Luc started preparing his ski instructors training during 2016 juggling the Winter season and his studies at the Sports University in Lyon for 2 years.

With a DEUST APN degree, this future instructor is now concentrating on completing his instructors training.

It’s with enthusiasm, he explains, that being an instructor brings him heaps of satisfaction each day: « Having a profession that you are passionate about has many advantages and gives me the chance to meet, share and exchange with people who come from all over the world.  It’s really something very enriching on a personal level !

At ease with children, he always loves to share his passion with them being bi-lingual helps too !

When the pastures turns green, Luc likes to spend his days on the golf courses. An accomplished sportsman he can confirm that Summer is a completely different way of life but just as sporty.

Cédric – the all-road instructor

With his 25 years of experience in the field, Cédric is a passionate instructor who knows how to put forward his sporting skills as much as his pleasure of sharing. A lover of wide open spaces and nature, he will be the specialist for ski and splitboard touring as well as off-piste. He will share his technique and his many anecdotes about the natural heritage of our mountains with his customers.

In my philosophy, the most important thing is to share my passion and moments of authenticity with those present. I try to create a connection. Despite everything, my job is also about keeping people safe, and I think it’s important to put all my experience at the service of both expectations and safety. » 

A true lover of snow sports, he perfects his skiing and snowboarding skills in the winter, and then the summer you’ll find Cedric instructing mountain biking and also rafting, kayaking and hydrospeeding.

Living through the seasons and the activities that the mountain areas offers him, Cédric is a versatile instructor. A veritable escape filled with a “return to the roots” awaits you.

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