Wat te doen in Les Gets deze winter?

Alle informatie over wat er open is in Les Gets (in Frans) Meer lezen

Nordic getaway : discover cross-country skiing

While the opening of the ski lifts is long overdue by alpine skiing fans, another mountain sport is on the rise this winter: Nordic skiing.

Cross-country skiing is the oldest discipline of skiing. Historically, it originated in Norway, where skis were indispensable for hunting and firewood collection in winter. It became a sport at the end of the 19th century.

In Les Gets, the Nordic area opens to the public from 19 December.

So don’t wait any longer to discover this sport, both recreational and physical, and which combines hiking and the pleasure of skiing.

A sport accessible to all

The ideal place to start cross-country skiing

The resort of Les Gets offers several slopes without great difficulty in an idyllic setting between snowy clearings and undergrowth. However there are also sportive routes for the more athletic of you.

Mostly located in the forest, the slopes invite you to reconnect with the very essence of Nordic skiing, a return to nature and calm.

The itineraries have been laid out on relatively flat ground, the effort is progressive and regular, making cross-country skiing accessible to all ages and all desires.

If you have a quick eye and a keen ear, you may well spot a roe deer on your route.

See the itineraries

As a bonus : a nice view of the village

On top of the Folliets skilift, on the blue and red circuit of the Chavannes.

We will share with you our “beautiful spot”, the ideal place for a picnic break or for a moment of rest during your Nordic skiing trip. The view over the village between the snow-covered fir trees is magical.

And if the sky is clear, you will be able to see the Pointe du Marcelly and the Roc d’Enfer, behind the Mont Chéry.

It’s good for the spirit and health !

A gentler mountain practice to give a boost to body and mind!

Nordic skiing is an endurance sport which exercises all muscles in a regular and progressive way. The use of the poles works your shoulders, triceps and abdominal muscles while the gliding movements tone your leg muscles. Cross-country skiing also improves your cardiovascular health and endurance.

Not forgetting that outdoor exercise, and even more so in the mountains, has a positive effect on stress management, mental health, brain activity and contributes to your general well-being.

Cross-country skiing is an ideal form of exercise to stay healthy, while minimising the risk of injury.

To each his own style


Couple faisant du ski de fond avec neige qui tombe


In cross-country skiing, there are two techniques of sliding:

  • Classic or alternative step: you ski in the 2 rails with the skis parallel, like a sliding walk. This is the traditional technique of the discipline which is also the most suitable for beginners for a first approach to Nordic skiing.
  • Skating: also called “skating step”, the movements are quite similar to ice or roller skating. The skis are spread out in a V-shape and pressure is applied to the sides of the skis to move forward, while pushing with the poles. This practice is more technical but also faster and more elegant.

Whether you opt for classic cross-country skiing or skating, the resort’s sports shops will advise you on renting (or buying) the right equipment for your winter sliding outings.

Indeed, skis are a little different in classic Nordic skiing or skating: classic skis are equipped with an anti-recoil system, which makes it easier to go up without hindering the descents.

Follow the guide…

You have never done cross-country skiing before and would like to try it ? In Les Gets, the mountain guides and ski instructors will be delighted to accompany you on your outings and teach you the basics of this beautiful discipline.  

2 or 3 reminders for a successful Nordic ski outing :

  • Dress appropriately for the weather conditions. As with all outdoor sports in winter, the 3-layer rule is the best way to avoid cold snaps. Don’t forget the hat and gloves.
  • Take some food and drink. Although cross-country skiing is a gentler mountain sport, it is still a full sport. Sport means energy expenditure and hydration. So don’t play Rambo and think about taking water and a snack for your outing.
  • A bit of theory before practice: before you start sliding on Nordic trails, and to avoid unfortunate falls, find out about the right techniques, positions and movements to adopt. Professionals from the resort are there to answer all your questions.

Now that you’ve learned the basics of cross-country skiing, and practical information on how to do in Les Gets, we can’t wait to see you in our Nordic area this winter!

Always more tips and tricks…