Que faire aux Gets au printemps ? Découvrir

A typical day at the Les Fripouilles Day Care

L’Accueil (from 9am)

The reception time is not limited, allowing for staggered arrivals.
Children who have lunch at the daycare must arrive before 11:00 am.
Reception is a privileged moment; the team is at your disposal to gather information about your child in order to respect his or her rhythm and wishes.
An individual form concerning your child’s habits and rhythm is to be filled in at the time of booking or on site on the first day of care.
For a good organisation of the day, you will give us in person, your child’s cuddly toy, pacifier and nappies, all noted with his or her first name. The arrival can sometimes be difficult, but it does not mean a bad day.

“It’s important that mom and dad take the time to say goodbye and wish me a good day”.

Activities (morning and afternoon)

Activities (painting, drawing, modelling clay, manipulation…) are proposed according to the demand of the group and the age of the children. We leave a lot of room for free play.
As soon as the weather permits and if your child’s clothing is suitable, games in the garden are offered.

“Here, we take our time! Doing nothing is also growing up, I do what I want when I want… They let me discover the activities which are proposed to me “.


Changing takes place several times during the day: in the morning (depending on arrival time); after meals; before and after each nap if the diaper is dirty.
And each time the need is “felt”; it is also a moment of exchange, well-being and pleasure.

Meals (11:30am)

For older children, the meal takes place at 11.30 am, but under no circumstances will a sleeping child be woken up (he will eat later); as for babies, the rhythm of each one is respected.
Meals are provided by the nursery for children over 12 months. They are balanced and prepared by the cook of the school restaurant in Les Gets.
For children under 18 months: the meal is ground.
For older children: the meal is in small pieces.
For children under 12 months, parents will bring the meals.
Fresh meals are not accepted; only small jars (unopened) or vacuum-packed meals are accepted. This is a calm and friendly time.

The nap

It is according to the child’s rhythm. We favour the sleeping marks (comforter, pacifier…) by trying to create a climate of confidence and security.
For children who do not need a nap, a quiet time is proposed.

“They don’t wake me up in the crèche, I wake up at my own pace. »

Snack (3:30pm)

For older children: We provide snacks, common to all children (dairy, compote, biscuits …).
For the children who still take a bottle of milk, you will have to provide the unopened milk carton.
For the little ones: Snacks are also provided except for the bottles of formula, for which you will have prepared the right amount of water and the powder quantified in a dispenser beforehand.
Never prepare the bottles in advance, they must all be noted with your child’s first name.

The Departure

While waiting for mom and dad, at the end of the afternoon, we propose free games, stories, nursery rhymes.
We are at your disposal to explain how your child’s day unfolds; don’t forget to take his or her little things (cuddly toy, pacifier, bottle).