A typical day at the Les Fripouilles Day Care

L’Accueil (from 9am)

There is no specific drop-off time, allowing for staggered arrivals. Children who are having lunch at the nursery must arrive before 11am.
Your child’s arrival is an important time; the team are available to talk to and take any information regarding your child’s likes/dislikes and routine.
There is a form for you to complete with details of your child’s habits and routine. This can either be completed on their first day at the nursery or on reservation.
To ensure the day runs smoothly, please give us your child’s teddy, dummy and nappies, all marked with their Christian name.
Drop-off time can sometimes be difficult, but this does not it will be a bad day.

“It’s important that mom and dad take the time to say goodbye and wish me a good day”.

Activities (morning and afternoon)

Activities (painting, drawing, play dough and games) are all available depending on the group and age of the children. We leave a lot of time for free play. Depending on the weather, and if your children have suitable clothing, we go outside and play in the garden.
“Here we take time; doing nothing is also part of growing-up, I do what like, when I feel like it …I am allowed to discover the activities available by myself “

Nappy change

Nappies are changed throughout the day: In the morning following arrival, after the meal, before and after each nap if the nappy is dirty and as many times as necessary.
This is also a time for closeness and well-being for your child.

Lunch (11:30am)

Meals are provided by the nursery.
Lunch is served at 11.30am for the older children, but under no circumstances will a sleeping child be woken up (they can eat later); for babies, we follow their individual routines.
This is a calm and friendly time.

Afternoon sleep

This depends on the child’s routine
If possible we prefer children to have familiar objects to help them sleep (teddy, dummy……) to create a climate of confidence and security.
For children who don’t need a nap, we have a quiet time.
“They don’t wake me up at nursery; I wake up in my own time.”

Snack (3:30pm)

Snacks are provided by the nursery. All children have the same snack

The Departure

While waiting for mom and dad, at the end of the afternoon, we propose free games, stories, nursery rhymes.
We are at your disposal to explain how your child’s day unfolds; don’t forget to take his or her little things (cuddly toy, pacifier, bottle).