Alta Lumina

02 June 2021

Following the decision of the Prefecture, Alta Lumina will reopen its doors to the public from the 1st of July 2021.

An enchanted night walk

Straight out of a childhood dream… As night falls in the heart of the forest, the brand new Alta Lumina trail plunges you into an imaginary world, on a wonderful interactive adventure full of emotions that are unique to each participant.

Throughout the year, you are invited to take part in the incredible adventure of a travelling music-maker who takes flight in a hot-air balloon, on a journey beyond the mountains. You will be immersed in a wondrous environment, where the story is told through a poetics of light, music, imagery, set design and interactivity.

This concept, a first in European resorts, uses a finely-tuned show of light, video projection and original sound effects to harness and exalt the natural beauty of the site.

A 45-minute experience to live to the fullest !

Enchanted night walk

Alta Lumina

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A rich emotional experience

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