Pere Delavay's Botanical Garden

Father Delavay was a missionary botanist in China. He was born in Les Gets 150 years ago. He sent more than 200,000 plants to the National Museum of Natural History in Paris. Many of these plants bear his name.
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From 22/06 to 08/09, daily. Free access.

In homage to his incredible work and discoveries a botanical garden exhibiting some of his plants, has been created in summer 2017 in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Lac des Ecoles. Some of us will have cultivated these plants originally from China in our own gardens, not realizing that they are only there thanks to an adventurous Getois.

A special "Father Delavay" outing is organized every Monday on the little train. Ask for the booklet to join the "become a botanist with father Delavay" treasure hunt from the Tourist Office.
A voyage of the senses and an interesting family activity.



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