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Lac des Ecoles Discovery Trail

The trail of discovery of the Boittets wetland offers a beautiful discovery of the stakes of water in mountains. From peatlands, fragile habitat of protected species, to the articifial "Lac des Ecoles", your walk will be done in an aquatic way
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Route des Ecoles
74260 Les Gets


Opening time

All year round.

The discovery trail of the Lac des Écoles is a UNESCO World Geopark since 2015.
The village of Les Gets was built on ancient marine sediments piled up when the continents came together. These over-compressed rocks prevent water from infiltrating, which has created a wetland or more precisely peat bogs.
The Mouille des Boittets bog is now home to protected species such as the alpine newt, the intermediate pyrole and the water clover.
Used as a leisure lake in summer and a reservoir in winter, the Lac des Écoles site highlights the major issues of water management in the mountains.
Your journey through the heart of this wetland will help you discover the history of the Alps and that of Les Gets. From the peat bogs, a fragile habitat for protected species, to the artificial lake "des Écoles" your path will be wet.
The trail is embellished with explanatory panels.



  • Coach access


Sustainable tourism

The discovery trail of the Lac des Écoles is a rich site in terms of geological, cultural and natural heritage. As one of the 85 geosites of the Chablais Geopark, it highlights the protection of these mountain wetlands.

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The discovery trail of the Lac des Écoles is part of the Chablais Geopark. This wetland retraces 250 million years of history.