9 avril au soir, fermeture du domaine skiable pour la saison

Lumina night walks

La station des Gets innove avec un concept inédit présenté pour la première fois dans une station européenne.

En cours de création et de production par les équipes de Moment Factory, le projet du parcours nocturne Alta Lumina verra le jour ce 31 juillet 2020.

What is the Lumina night walk experience all about?

Lumina enchanted night walks are immersive experiences that plunge visitors into an imaginative world and use the magic of multimedia  to awaken their inner child. Already present in a dozen destinations around the world, Moment Factory is expanding its concept to Europe.

A multi-sensory immersive experience

In the heart of the forest at nightfall, visitors embark on an immersive and interactive adventure that sparks unique emotions and wonder. They are amazed by the site’s natural beauty enhanced by the use of light, video projections and scenography accompanied by original music. Each Lumina night walk is designed specifically for the site. In Les Gets, the experience is inspired by the site’s DNA. Surrounded by nature, the luminous pathway creates an enchanting world brought to life by characters from local culture, tales and legends..

Parcours nocturne enchanté

Alta Lumina