Zero Waste Mountain


Nature and relaxation

From Tuesday 11 May to Monday 10 May

From 03/05 to 10/05/2021, daily.

Free event

Winter is coming to an end and it's time for some spring cleaning! The Mairie des Gets invites you to cleaning up the mountain and minimising the impact of waste left in nature during this special season.
Access map and contacts

Esplanade de la Maison des Gets
74260 Les Gets


Opening time

From 03/05 to 10/05/2021, daily.

In order to respect the sanitary constraints of this 3rd containment and thus avoid groupings, the town hall of Les Gets decided to organise its traditional collection of wild waste over several days.

If the sanitary constraints forbid us to gather more than 6 people outside, they fortunately allow us to circulate freely during the day within a 10 km radius. This is an opportunity to take advantage of this daily outing to collect waste abandoned in the surrounding countryside. Indeed, despite a season in half-tone, litter is always there, littering roadsides, hiking trails and forests...

Throughout the week, a space dedicated to waste collection and the protection of our environment will be set up behind the town hall. It will be composed of a rubbish skip, several bins to allow waste sorting, as well as an exhibition to raise awareness of environmental protection.

How can I participate?
- I go to the reception of the town hall during opening hours to register and get the collection material (gloves and bin bags) which will allow the collection of waste in complete safety.
- I consult the map of the collection areas before my departure to find out which sectors have already been cleaned.
- I go on a waste hunt!
- I bring back the waste collected in the dedicated area and sort it into the bins provided for this purpose.
- I go back to the town hall, indicate my collection area on the map and collect my reward!
At the end of the operation, the waste brought back by the volunteers will be weighed to know the total weight of this 2021 collection.

Covid-19 special services

In this particular context, the health of all remains our priority. Here are some additional recommendations:
- stay home if you have symptoms or are a case of contact
- wash your hands regularly
- keep your distance from people outside your home or wear a mask
- do not create a group of more than 6 people