The Aeolian Philharmonic Organ

A unique mechanical music instrument in Europe. Listed historical monument.
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Église de la Nativité - 7 impasse du musée
74260 Les Gets


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All year round, daily.

Built in 1910, it's been list historical monument in 1989. This instrument is the property of the Mechanical Music Museum of les Gets. It's been restore from 1991 to 1994, and needed 10 000 hours of work. This philharmonic organ is particullary huge : 6 meters large, 5 meters depth, 5,50 meters high. It include more than 1000 pipes with thirteen organ sets, two percussions sets, two metallophones of 49 notes and a carillon of 20 notes. The pipes sets are perfectly adapted to the church with their different sounds of violin, flute, human voice, oboe, clarinet and trumpet. All those instruments and sounds are played on two keyboards of 61 notes and a pedalboard of 30 notes. In addition of the manuel operation, a pneumatic system, with perforated paper rolls, enable the instrument to play automatically. Around 700 paper rolls enable a varied choice for the Mardis de l'Orgue concerts, organized by the Mechanical Music Museum.



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History, culture and heritage

Unique mechanical music instrument in Europe. Listed historical monument in 1989.