Cycling week



Du Sunday 21 July au Saturday 27 July 2024 - De 09:00 à 18:00


The resort of Les Gets is looking forward to a week of sport and celebration around cycling.  Sports enthusiasts will be delighted by the ‘a pass every day: without cars, the road is yours’ initiative, and families will enjoy the many activities and events on offer 🚴⛰️

Programme of the week’s events

🚲 Monday 22th July

A trip to discover the mountain environment with the small train
Join a mountain guide on a miniature train ride to discover the nature in Les Gets.
👉 From 9am30 to 12pm 📍​ Télécabine du Chéry ​✅ 8€ adults / 4€ for -16years old / Free with Multipass and -5years old ​ℹ️ Registration at Tourisme office, limited number of places.

Picnic kit workshop
Atelier Mezzanine invites you to come and decorate your next picnic utensils. Flocking, pyrography and painting techniques. Materials supplied.
👉 At 2pm, 3pm30 and 5pm 📍​ Place de la Maison des Gets ​✅ 6€/person, from 4 years old ​ℹ️ Registration Billetweb, limited number of places.

Stained-glass window
After discovering the stained glass windows in Les Gets church, let your imagination run wild and create THE stained glass window that suits you.
👉 From 2pm30 to 4pm 📍​ Place de la Maison des Gets ​✅ 7€/person, from 6 years old ​ℹ️ Registration Billetweb, limited number of places.

Pedal Car
Come and compete on a circuit of radio-controlled cars, the difference being that this time you’ll have to pedal to make your cars go faster, thanks to generator bikes.
👉 From 3pm30 to 6pm30 📍​ Place de la Maison des Gets ​✅ Free, from 10 years old.

Les Gets welcome drink
Discover the week’s activities, dance to JourneyMan’s concert and toast with the Gêtois ambassadors with a free drink. Remember to take your cup or 1€ deposit.
👉 From 6pm to 9pm30 📍 Rue du centre ​✅ Free.

🚵🏻‍♂️​ Tuesday 23th July

Wildlife outing
Discover the flora and fauna of the Alps with a mountain leader. Bring walking shoes and your own car (carpooling).
👉 From 8am30 to 12pm 📍​ Tourisme office ​✅ 5€/person, from 8 years old ​ℹ️ registration Billetweb, limited number of places.

Become a botanist with Father Delavay
Take the game booklet available from the Tourist Office and enjoy a ride on the little train, where clues will be revealed to help you collect the plants!
👉 From 10am to 12am📍​ Télécabine du Chéry ​✅ 2€/books ​ℹ️ Registration at Tourism office

Make up stand
Mamzelle Pastel and her colorful make-up are back. She invites you to add a little color and glitter to your life!
👉 From 2pm30 to 6pm30 📍​ Tourism office ​✅ 2€/person, from 3 years old ​ℹ️ Regisration Billetweb, limited number of places, 1 person every 5 minutes

A clever blend of snooker and golf. The aim is to complete the 9 tables with as few strokes as possible on the cycling theme.
👉 From 3pm to 6pm 📍​ Place de la Maison des Gets ​✅ Free, from 7 years old

Concert by the Les Gets brass band and the 27th BCA
Let’s dance !
👉 From 6pm30 to 8pm📍 Place de la Maison des Gets ​✅ Free

⛰️​​ Wednesday 24th July

Botanical E-bike outing
Set off for a walk in the heights of Les Gets. Along the way, you’ll meet Michel, a plant specialist, who will share his secrets with you, including a workshop on making alpine medicinal balm, fir syrup and more (electric bikes and helmets required).
👉 From am to 12pm 📍​Tourism Office ​✅ 25€/person, from 14 years old ​ℹ️ Registration Billetweb, limited number of places.

Discovery trip to La Sarre on the little train
Take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the panoramic views. Anouck and Nathalie will offer you a tour of their pottery and a demonstration.
👉 From 10am to 12pm 📍​ Télécabine du Chéry ​✅ 6€/adults, 2€ for -16years old, free with Multipass et -5years old ​ℹ️ Registration at Tourism Office, limited number of places.

Backpack customization workshop
Come and customize a canvas bag that will follow you everywhere, even on your bike, and remind you of your vacation in Les Gets. Paint, stencils and glitter galore… Materials supplied.
👉 At 2pm, 3pm30 and 5pm 📍​Place de la Maison des Gets ​✅ 6€/person, from 4 years old ​ℹ️ Registration Billetweb, limited number of places

Workshop to make a sportsman’s roll-on
Our medicinal plant specialist suggests you make your own sportsman’s roll-on with arnica.
👉At 2pm30, 3pm30 and 4pm30📍​ Place de la Maison des Gets ​✅ 6€/person, from 8 years old ℹ️ Registration Billetweb, limited number of places.

Gêtois Treasure
Alone or in a team, come and unearth the treasure by answering riddles hidden in the historic buildings of Les Gets.
👉 From 3pm to 4pm30 📍 Place de la Maison des Gets ​✅ Free

Draisiennes race
2 race categories. Helmet and draisienne mandatory, stands, drinks, sale of cakes, drinks, bombs, tombola…
👉 From 5pm to 7pm 📍Rue du Centre ​✅ 5€/child, from 2 to 5 years old ℹ️ Registration on site from 4pm

🌞 Thursday 25th July

Mont Chéry climb
Get on your bike (electric bikes allowed) and come and challenge yourself on the Chéry climb, in which the great champions took part during the Critérium du Dauphiné prologue in 2016. Refreshments and prizes to be won on arrival at the summit, with a draw at 11:30 a.m.
👉 From 8am30 to 11am30 📍Route du Chéry ​✅ Free ​ℹ️ Registration Billetweb

Peaky Blinders show
At the end of the 19th century in Birmingham, bicycle couriers worked for gangs of thieves… They were highly skilled and easily eluded the police. But it was in 1921 that the first troupe of bicycle acrobats, the Peaky Bikers, was formed.
👉 From 6pm to 7pm📍​Place de la Maison des Gets ​✅ Free

🌿 Friday 26th July

Discovery tour of the Fruitière des Perrières on the little train
Guided tour of Fruitières des Perrières and cheese tasting.
👉 From 10am to 12pm📍Route du Chéry ​✅  6€/Adults – 2€/ for -16 ans – free with Multipass and -5 years old ​ℹ️ Registration at tourism office

Wood Workshop
Pierre invites children to his woodworking workshop, where they can learn how to drill, follow a line with a saw and make a wooden figurine.
👉 From 2pm30 to 6pm30 📍​Place de la Maison des Gets ​✅ 2€/person, from 5 years old ​ℹ️ Registration Billetweb

The Old Town secrets
Les Gets, a charming village steeped in history. Follow our guide as we discover the village’s ancient chief town and its secrets.
👉 From 3pm to 4pm30 📍​Place de la Maison des Gets ​✅ Free, from 7years old ​ℹ️ Registration Billetweb

🎥 Saturday 27th July

Completed the week with the Bike Movie Festival !

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