The Museum in celebration !



Du Saturday 15 July au Sunday 16 July 2023


The Museum is celebrating its 5th edition!

A weekend of celebration on the theme, “Mechanical music from the past and the future!”

The museum will be celebrating with a weekend theme: “The Crank!”

The programme for 15 and 16 July 2023 will include original compositions, improvisations, performances and amazing machines. Given the timing around the Tour de France, this will be a special “pedal and music” event.

Friday 14 July 🎵

🎵 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm: The mechanical music starts with the Side Cyclo Barbarie du Moulin à paroles in a duet around the carousel. These street performers accompanied by a drum will signal the beginning of the weekend’s entertainment. 

🎵 6.00 pm: Opening of the ‘ Les Manivelles ’ exhibition at the Chalet du Manège. 

🎵 6.30 pm: Presentation of the hurdy-gurdy with the traditional Les Gets folk group ‘ Lou Patorets’ at l’AMMG 

🎵 8.25 pm: The merry-go-round organ will play ‘ La Marseillaise ’ followed by ‘ Les Allobroges ’. 

🎵 8.30 pm: Parade by the Batterie Fanfare Les Gets-Taninges brass band, Dynamic Musik and the Les Gets fire brigade. 

🎵 10.30 pm: Fireworks, Pied de carry 

Saturday 15 July 🎵

🎵 10.00 am: First special tour looking at the mechanical music instruments in the museum. 

🎵 2.45 pm: Unveiling of the plaque declaring the merry-go-round of wooden horses a historical monument, Place du Manège

🎵 3.00 pm: Presentation of a creation by d’Atomik Nation : a street music box which plays ‘ A bicyclette ’. The plaque with the mountain biker will be installed with appropriate music played by the performers. The festive music will include home remixes of funk, soul and French chanson hits, at the merry-go-round of wooden horses

🎵 3.30 pm: Opening parade led by pedal-powered musical machines followed by sulkies and hand-cranked instruments  from La Place du Manège to La Place Limonaire. 

🎵 3.45 pm: Music in Rue du Vieux Village, Impasse du Musée and Place Limonaire. 

🎵 4.00 pm: La Cie Donin-Thevenet presents ‘ La Boîte à joie ’ in the Vieux Village. 

🎵 4.30 pm : Le Side Cyclo Barbarie will go back and forth along  Rue du Vieux Village, crossing paths with Marcel la Manivelle and his tricycle. 

🎵 5.00 pm: Piaf concert in tribute to this great artist who left us 60 years ago, by Sophie Masson at the Théâtre de Verdure. 

🎵 5.30 pm: Visual art and sound art come together again with ‘ Atomik Action’ who will be setting up their 2nd ‘ Street musicbox ’ installation in Rue de Modène by the museum. 

🎵 6.00 pm: A talk on hand-cranked instruments (history, uses, different types, various creations, etc.) in the museum’s cinema. 

🎵 6.30 pm: Electro concert with the wild rhythms of the Rasta-ferraille, the 10th hybrid musical machine from Ets Dynamogène to come to Les Gets. Place Limonaire. 

🎵 7.00 pm: Musical aperitif with the Cie du Pétillon et Bernard Beaufrère, Ministre-Garde Champêtre from Montmartre, Place Limonaire

🎵 9.00 pm: DUEL de MANIVELLES with DUO MATHIS, Two musicians (father and son) combine their musical talents in a playful, experimental duo containing a touch of jazz and contemporary influences. Arranged and scored by Jonathan Mathis and Patrick Mathis, who turn their hand-cranked instruments in perfect sync. Place Limonaire. 

Sunday 16 July 🎵

🎵 9.30 am: Music and songs return to the Impasse du Musée and La Place Limonaire

🎵 9.30 am: Presentation of the museum’s latest acquisitions. 

🎵 From 10.00 am: entertainment on the official Tour podium with a barrel organ and Cor des Alpes performance (time to be confirmed). 

🎵 10.30 am: Parade of musical machines powered solely by human muscle power (route depends on which roads are open).  

🎵 11.00 am: Atomik Nation will install a music plaque (a special Tour de France – Musée en Fête creation) accompanied by musicians Jérôme and Karim (drummer and bassist), Maison des Gets

🎵 11.30 am: The Cie Donin-Thevenet present ‘ La Boîte à joie ’ at the Théâtre de Verdure. 

🎵 Midday Musical aperitif with Le Pétillon, Place Limonaire. 

🎵 1.05 pm: Start of Stage 15 of the Tour de France, Place du Marché

🎵 1.15 pm: Parade of musical machines from the Tour’s start line to Place Limonaire.

🎵 3.00 pm: Music returns to Rue du Vieux Village, Impasse du Musée and Place Limonaire. 

🎵 3.00 pm: La Rasta Ferraille will travel through the Vieux Village and will make a theatrical/musical stop at the bottom of the square in front of the church. Its interchangeable records will play rock, reggae and blues, etc. 

🎵 3.30 pm: Marcel la Manivelle will be supplying songs to Radio-Les Gets on his tricycle. 

🎵 4.00 pm: Le Side Cyclo-barbarie will be going back and forth along Rue du Vieux Village. 

🎵 4.00 pm: Piaf concert in tribute to this great artist who left us 60 years ago, by Sophie Masson, Place Limonaire. 

🎵 4.30 pm: The sound (and pedal) machine of Cie Stromboli will be going from the stream in the Vieux Village to La Place Limonaire

🎵 5.00 pm: Concert in the church. A hand-cranked organ will accompany a violin, panpipes, musical saw, alphorn and trumpet, with Jean-Claude Welche and Gérard and Marianne Lefel. 

🎵 6.00 pm: ‘ La tête dans le guidon ’, a zany show for cyclists by the Carton jaune female troupe, Théâtre de Verdure

🎵 7.00 pm: Closing parade with pedal-powered musical machines. 

🎵 7.15 pm: Aperitif – Concert with the presentation of the ‘Manivelles d’or’ in the presence of Bernard Beaufrère, the Ministre-garde Champêtre de Montmartre.                                                       Music and painting come together once again with the installation of the 4th and final plaque (street music box), organised by par Atomik Nation on a wall in the museum, Place Limonaire

🎵 9.00 pm: Improvised cabaret evening with Cie Le Pétillon and owners of hand-cranked instruments, Place Limonaire

🎵 10.00 pm: Closing firework display, Place Limonaire.

Throughout the weekend 🎵

Places for entertainment:  

– The merry-go-round of wooden horses and sulkies (pedal-powered carriages for children) 

– The Rotocipède Sidéral, a pedal-powered merry-go-round accompanied by a barrel organ from Barbarie de la Cie Deblock Manivelle, Impasse du Musée. 

– Face painting sessions with Mam’Zelle Pastel, Place Limonaire. 

– The Musicalumineuse de la Cie Flon Flon caravan at the entrance to the festival. 

– L’Orgalion on its vintage lorry by the museum. 


– The Museum of Mechanical Music, open continuously from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm, with tours focusing on hand-cranked instruments. 

– ‘ 130 célébrités et la musique mécanique ’, in the museum’s Galerie Impériale. 

– An exhibition about ‘ La Manivelle ’, Chalet du Manège. 

– La Manufacture Sonore (Making Sound), an interactive visual and musical exhibition featuring 12 musical sculptures which are mainly hand-cranked, Place Limonaire. 

Travelling entertainment: 

– The sound machine by Cie Stromboli. 

– Marcel la Manivelle and his tricycle. 

– La Rasta Ferraille from Ets Dynamogène. 

– Le Side Cyclo Barbarie of the Moulin à Paroles. 

– Street performers and their drum. 

– Clochette our Docteur Bonne Humeur (Dr. Good Mood).