Wearing a mask is recommended in the streets of Les Gets and obligatory during our animations & events.

Port du masque obligatoire lors de nos animations & événements. En savoir plus

The Museum in celebration !



Du Saturday 18 July au Sunday 19 July 2020

Free (some paying events)

On the theme “Mechanical Music from Savoy to Montmartre” Year of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Montmartre And of the invention of the Disc Jukebox by a Savoyard

Festivities program

3:00 pm .: Music pre-opening, Place Limonaire
4.30 pm .: Taste for the children with music, around the Fountain and its barrel organ player statue
5:00 pm: Show by Marcel and Amélie, for their 40-year career in the service of Mechanical Music, Green Theater
6:00 pm .: Conference on Montmartre and Mechanical Music, Museum cinema room
6.45 pm: Cinema screening with a new 1950 film “I am only a dog”, filmed in Old Montmartre and animated by Léo Noël and his barrel organ, Cinema room of the Museum
7:00 pm : Aperitif-concert, Place Limonaire €
8:30 pm .: Marcel and Amélie’s birthday show, Place Limonaire

9:00 am: Music and songs in the Old Village and on Place Limonaire
9:30 am: Presentation of the exhibition on Mechanical Music and Montmartre, Imperial Gallery of the Museum
9:45 am .: Discovery of the Museum’s latest acquisitions, all linked to Montmartre:
– A Bussophone, the first disc jukebox invented in 1920 by the Savoyard Pierre Bussoz, buried in Montmartre
– A Russian Organ, with Ukrainian tunes, reminding that a real Russian district was recreated on the Butte at the beginning of the 20th century and that a Montmartre delegation was recently received in Kiev
– A music box with a songbird, a nod to the many birds living in Montmartre in the museum gardens and also in the vineyards. Without forgetting that at 16 rue de la Tour d´Auvergne a songbird nursery called “L’école lyrique” was established in 1843
– An Aristoflute will play perforated cardboard discs on which the tunes of Montmartrois composers are noted (Olivier Métra, Victor Massé, Robert Planquette, Jules Jouy, …)
10:15 am: Parade from Place du Manège to Place Limonaire
10:30 am: Official inauguration in the presence of Alain Coquard President of the Republic
de Montmartre, Honorary President of the event, Place Limonaire
11:00 am: “Thousand Times of Love” show by Romanp’titcoeurs, mixing
operetta, French songs and instrumental ensemble, Greenery theater
12 pm : Aperitif-concert, Place Limonaire
2:00 pm .: Resumption of Music and Songs in the Old Village and on Place Limonaire
2:00 pm .: Book signing session on Pierrot La Rose de Montmartre: “The Road to My Heart”, by her daughter Stéphanie Descamps, godmother of the day, Place Limonaire
2:30 pm .: Cinema screening with a new 1950 film “I am only a dog”, shot in Old Montmartre and animated by Léo Noël and his barrel organ, Museum Cinema Room
3:00 pm: Cabaret Prévert: “Vue sur l’amer”, with Annie and Gus, Leisure center
4:00 pm: Singing tea in the blink of an eye at the “Chantante Café” in Montmartre. A recital of Montmartre songs with Blanche la Cigale (Annie Clivaz MP for Montmartre) and Jean-Claude Raynaud (Honorary Mayor of Cervens Haute-Savoie), Guinguette du Musée €
4.30 p.m .: Taste for the children with music around the Fountain and its barrel organ player statue
5:00 pm : The Savoy organ player, attached to his religion, after a last prayer, leaves his country for Paris and Montmartre. After welcoming the sound of the Aeolian Philharmonic Organ, our organ player will introduce the magic of his instrument. By the Company of the Dream in the Church of Our Lady of the Nativity
6:00 pm: “A nos hommes” crazy show for Savoyards, Montmartrois, but not only, …, by the female company Carton Jaune, Théâtre de verdure
7:00 pm .: Concert aperitif, Place Limonaire €
8:30 pm: Cabaret evening with Bernard Beaufrère, accompanied by the Compagnie du Pétillon, Guinguette du Musée €
10:00 pm : Fireworks with the sound of the big organ 68 keys by Jonathan Mathis, Place Limonaire

During the weekend

–  Guided tours of the Museum on the theme of Montmartre, open from 9:30 to 19:30 €
–  Exhibition on Mechanical Music of Savoy in Montmartre, Imperial Gallery of the Museum
–  Place Limonaire bar, hosted by Compagnie du Pétillon, as well as organ players and street singers €
–  Musical entertainment Rue du Vieux Village, Impasse du Musée and Place Limonaire
–  Reception at the entrance of the Old Village with “Songs on demand” by the Compagnie Flonflon de rue and its “Musicalumineuse”
–  Children’s makeup by Mam’zelle Pastel, Place Limonaire
–  Mime-automaton with Bruno Daveze, the automaton of Montmartre
–  Caricaturist: Sylvie de Carmine Création (Montmélian – Savoie)
–  Athletic-Cyclo-Disco-Club “Jukebox” machine powered by muscle energy. Last creation from the workshops of Compagnie Dynamogène, for music-loving cyclists! Today’s nod to 100 years of the Jukebox
–  Percu-roulle percussion animation manipulated by children
–  Wooden horse arena, Place des Maison des Gets €
–  Exhibition at the Chalet du Manège “35 years of Mechanical Music Festivals in Les Gets”

Practical information

  • Outdoor entertainment is free
  • Free entry to exhibitions and to the church
  • A collection will be organized for the benefit of:
    – The work of the Ptits Poulbots, of whom the Republic of Montmartre is the Godmother
    – Les Semeurs de Joie, Haut-Savoyarde association of hospital clowns,
    represented by “Clochette” our doctor good humor.

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