Que faire aux Gets au printemps ? Découvrir

In case of bad weather in summer

Image 2021_08_04_musee_musique_mecanique_LD_LesGets_MelCarle_IMG_1788

Mechanical Music Museum

Come to discover the incredible mechanical instruments collection of the museum. More than 900 pieces are exposed : carillons, clocks, music boxes, orchestrions, mechanical pianos, stringed instruments, barrel organs, automates, phonographes…

Image ferme de Caroline

Meeting at the Mouille Ronde mountain pasture

Come and share the work of a farmer through a convivial meal prepared with the products of the farm and discover the milking of the animals. Reservation required, paid activity. Alpage de la Mouille Ronde – Above the school lake.

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Spa wellness center Sereni Cimes

A wellness experience in the cosy atmosphere of an old mountain chalet.

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Spa Kinabalu by Alpine Residences

In the heart of the Kinabalu residence, you will discover a true haven of peace where your desires will carry you. Step through the doors of this enchanting place and treat yourself to a unique experience.

Image Copie de Thibon sports

Sport’N Chéry

If you want to work out, come and take advantage of the gym, in complete autonomy, for a daily or weekly maintenance of your physical shape. Profit from our gym in the Spa Les Sources du Chéry. Access possible for a day, or subscribe for a week, a month or a year package (depending on the opening periods) to continue your training in complete autonomy.

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Yin Yang Yoga

A dynamic yet relaxing sequence, including different tools of the yoga discipline such as postural work, breathing techniques, concentration, relaxation and meditation.

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Yin Yoga

It’s a gentle form of massage, in praise of slow, static movements and the depth of the stretching associated with the meridians. Breathing techniques punctuate the session.

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Dynamic yoga

Awakening the body through postural and breathing work. Fluidity, sequences and tonus to start the day!