Que faire aux Gets au printemps ? Découvrir

Heritage in summer

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The Aeolian Philharmonic Organ

A unique mechanical music instrument in Europe. Listed historical monument in 1989.

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Mechanical Music Museum

Come to discover the incredible mechanical instruments collection of the museum. More than 900 pieces are exposed : carillons, clocks, music boxes, orchestrions, mechanical pianos, stringed instruments, barrel organs, automates, phonographes…

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Notre Dame de Lourdes Chapel

This small chapel, isolated in the Mouilles hamlet, was built in 1871 by the reverend priest Joseph Marie Delavay, to ask to the Virgin of the Mouilles to protect and cure his brother from the plague, the priest Jean-Marie Delavay.

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Hand-crafted pottery

In the studio, Anouk et Nathalie create useful and decorative ‘Made in Les Gets’ pieces.

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Church Notre Dame de la Nativité

Rebuilt in 1895, Notre Dame de la Nativité contain some exceptional work of art.

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Pere Delavay’s botanical Garden

Take a 19th-century botanist and priest from Les Gets, add three missions to China to search for a sacred plant, plus a few hazardous voyages, and the result is the Delavay Gardens. This unique collection of plants is an authentic showcase for our living heritage.

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Moudon Chapel

First religious edifice of Les Gets once surrounded by a cemetery. Built on St Théodule patronage, it was first mentioned during the 15th century.

Fruitière des Perrières

Manufacture and sale of cheese.

Jacquicourt Chapel

The chapel was built in 1679. Demolished during the same year amid disputes relating to pastureland boundaries, it was rebuilt in 1986, exactly as it was, and becomes a pilrimage venue every September.

Lac des Ecoles Discovery Trail

The trail of discovery of the Boittets wetland offers a beautiful discovery of the stakes of water in mountains. From peatlands, fragile habitat of protected species, to the articifial “Lac des Ecoles”, your walk will be done in an aquatic way

The wooden Merry-go-round

This emblematic monument to fairground art dates from 1871and id the oldest known model in France and a principal exhibit in Les Gets Mechanical Music Museum collection.