What’s new this summer ?


Outdoor pilates & fitness

Get your trainers on for a sporty walk in the great outdoors between Mont Chéry and Mont Caly. After breathing fresh air into your lungs as a warm up, settle down opposite the Mont Blanc for a relaxing Pilates session with Muriel. Outdoor fitness lovers will prefer a light hike in the forest on the slope of the Chavannes, ending with a lively muscle-strengthening class near the lac des Écoles, which you can swim in to cool down afterwards.


Naturopathy workshops

As genuine “health educators”, Laura and Audrey have decided to share their knowledge of the human body in order to address prevention, an aspect of health that is often neglected in standard therapy. The two friends offer naturopathy workshops, combining a simplified theoretical aspect of body function with a practical aspect including simple tips to adopt on a daily basis.

The workshops explore different themes to do with health. For example: eating according to the season / medicinal plants around a picnic on a hike / when aperitif goes hand-in-hand with health / DIY cosmetics / liver and detox / preventing seasonal burnout / with or without (gluten, dairy, etc.), and many others. The session begins with a simple and fun introduction to body function. It is followed by a practical session dedicated to preparing and making accessible recipes, which are easy to make at home.

Tuesday of the month, from 7pm to 10pm in the cosy setting of the “les Petits Sablés” tea room in the village centre. Private sessions possible on request.

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Peace and a new energy are blowing over Les Gets, and have arrived at the Complementary Therapy Practice, “Shiatsu».

This manual Japanese therapy which uses touch to restore balance within the body and thus promote health, is perfect after a physical activity or to start your holiday after months of work. Indeed, Shiatsu provides a deep relaxation of the body and mind, as well as a powerful loosening of muscles and joints. The practice involves rhythmic pressure, stretching and more gentle manoeuvres all over the body. Deriving from traditional Chinese medicine, Shiatsu is a true ally in combating numerous disorders (stress, anxiety, chronic diseases, insomnia, etc.).

A graduate from the Therapeutic Shiatsu School of Paris, Stéphanie is attentive to each person as a whole and with their own specificities. The session lasts around one hour and is practised on a futon on the floor; comfortable clothing recommended.

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Original stay

Instant Yourte in summer

With L’Instant Yourte, enjoy an original stay surrounded by nature, overlooking Les Gets, with a view over the Mont Blanc and the surrounding mountains.

In search of authenticity, this typical Mongolian yurt with a cosy interior and built using eco-construction, with a glass crown to gaze at the stars, offers you the possibility of getting away from the daily grind while maintaining essential comfort so you can recharge your batteries in the mountains: dry toilet, water supply for washing, tableware available to enjoy your packed lunches (no kitchen inside), possibility of getting food delivered on-site. A wood burner provides a warm touch to the general atmosphere. You can also enjoy an outdoor patio area to bask in the sun.

Accessible by car with a private car park; the yurt can accommodate up to 4 people.

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1989, the new wine bar

As well as being Etienne (the owner, a fine connoisseur and passionate about wine)’s birth year, 1989 was also a great vintage, especially in terms of Bordeaux wines.

In Les Gets, le 1989 is a new establishment that will impress wine lovers and those who wish to discover wines from around the world. 300 tasting references on site, or at home, with a large majority of organic wines, as well as some sixty wines from Savoie.

And to go with these delicious nectars, charcuterie or cheese platters, candlelight raclettes, and gourmet products like truffles and caviar are available. Every day, you can discover a selection of wines by the glass

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Lulu’s heritage visits

Affectionately known as “Lulu”, the young Lucie Bartholomé is passionate about stories from the old days. She therefore created heritage visits and treasure hunts, which reveal some of the village’s secrets to visitors. These include a dramatised walk called “sur la piste de Raymond Moudon” (on Raymond Moudon’s trail) takes place on the slope of the mythical Mont Chéry.

In an instant, you’ll go back 1000 years in the history of Les Gets, to a time when the village was at the crossroads between rival territories between Le Chablais and Faucigny. All along the walk, little shows highlight the sites and remarkable characters of the village. The walk retraces key moments like the blossoming of Mechanical Music, the life of the illustrious botanist Père Jean-Marie Delavay, the creation of the village church, agro-pastoral traditions and the development of tourism in the early 20th century.

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Opening of a Nivose shop

Proud purveyors of French mountain chic since 1933, Nivose creates high quality clothing that combines contemporary aesthetics, cutting-edge technology and absolute comfort. The brand enhances silhouettes on a daily basis thanks to a chic wardrobe with a mountain vibe. The collection pays homage to French elegance, with the markings of a resolutely contemporary style, that is both sophisticated and simple, with sleek lines. A subtle balance which provides each article with a double life, in the city and in the mountains, to the delight of the aesthetes who wear them.

Following the opening of its first Parisian shop, Nivose is coming to the village’s central street, and is already making an impression as the must-see address for style enthusiasts.