Covid-19: Les Gets resort is dedicated to your safety

Change in border arrangements

From December 4th, any person aged 12 or more has to provide the result of a negative PCR or antigen test carried out less than 24 or 48 hours prior to departure, in order to enter France. For more information, visit 

Measures applicable from Friday 14 January 2022 at 00:00:

Conditions for entry to France from the UK for vaccinated travellers are relaxed.

  • no more compelling reasons and isolation on arrival
  • a negative test <24h will be required on departure

Conditions for entre to france from Switzerland : read more.

Get your health pass

The “health pass” consists of the presentation, in digital or paper form, of one of the following three health proofs.

1.Vaccination, provided that people have a complete vaccination schedule and the necessary time after the final injection, i.e. :

-7 days after the 2nd injection for double injection vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca) ;
-28 days after injection for single injection vaccines (Johnson & Johnson);
-7 days after injection for vaccines in people with a history of Covid (single injection).

2.Proof of a negative test less than 24 hours old

All RT-PCR and antigenic tests generate a proof as soon as the result is entered into SI-DEP by the healthcare staff, which can be printed out directly for antigenic tests, and which is also made available to the patient via an e-mail and an SMS to retrieve it from the SI-DEP portal (

Self-tests carried out under the supervision of a health professional are recognised as evidence for the “health pass”, but not for border crossings between countries, notably within the European Union.



For PCR test :

  • Saint Jean d’Aulps : Maison Médicale from 8am to 8:30am

The PCR test carried out in the laboratory will cost 43,89 euros for adults who have not been vaccinated. For an antigenic test, you will have to pay about 25,01 euros.

3.A positive RT-PCR or antigenic test result demonstrating recovery of Covid-19, at least 11 days old and less than 6 months old.

Read more about health pass

Our commitments for your safety

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the measures taken by the various services and socio-professional staff at the resort. It will be updated regularly based on the governmental directives and the information we receive.

As the health situation has deteriorated considerably over the last few days, the Haute-Savoie prefecture has made it compulsory to wear a mask in all the communes of the department, in situations with a high density of people and when social distancing cannot be respected.

Health pass in Les Gets

  • Ski lifts : Mandatory health pass from 12 years old. Wearing a mask remains compulsory on the ski lifts.
  • Alta Lumina : Mandatory health pass from 12 years old.
  • The little train : Health pass not compulsory
  • The Mechanical Music Museum: Mandatory health pass from 12 years old.
  • Les Gets cinema: Mandatory health pass from 12 years old
  • The library : Mandatory health pass from 12 years old
  • Sources du Chéry Spa and Sport’N’Chéry : Mandatory health pass from 12 years old
  • Art’N’Chéry Gallery : Health pass not compulsory but limited to 50 people
  • The Tourist Office : Health pass not compulsory
  • The ice rink : Mandatory health pass from 12 years old


  • Mandatory health pass from 12 years old. Wearing a mask remains compulsory in waiting areas, when boarding and while travelling on lifts.
  • We encourage you to order your passes online to avoid queues at the ticket office and contact with others –> Bonus: lift passes are cheaper online !
  • Physical distancing will be implemented in queues (floor markings in waiting areas at the ticket office).
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be provided at the ticket office and when boarding lifts.

⚠️The Health Pass will be controlled by QRcode using the Tous Anti Covid Verif*application. The protocol provides for controls on people in ski lift sales offices, ski classes, and at the start of ski lifts.

Read more


Lift passes

Refund of unused passes (no supporting documents required):

If you want to cancel your order, your unused passes will be refunded free of charge, without any supporting documents required. 
Please send us your request in writing to the following email address no later than the first day of validity of your pass.


Restaurants, bars & cafés

Health pass mandatory from 12 years old

Control of the health pass is the responsibility of the establishments. We remind you that the sanitary and barrier measures are still in force.

Health measures :

  • All staff must wear masks and wash their hands very regularly.
  • Hand sanitiser is available at the entrance to each establishment.
  • Customers in cafés, bars and restaurants must wear masks, except when seated at tables.
  • A distance of one metre between each person will be indicated by signage
  • A distance of one metre will be observed between each table.
  • Menus will be distributed so as to avoid all contact: slate, verbally or QR code. Laminated menus will be cleaned after each time they are handled and paper menus will be single-use only.
  • Contactless payment (prepayment, bank transfer, bank card or QR code) is recommended, and paying at your table is encouraged.


Ski schools

Several measures are being taken for your children’s and the instructors’ safety: 

  • Wearing a mask will be mandatory in the queues, on the assembly areas and during the entire transport on the lifts (whatever the type of lift and how full it is) for anyone over the age of 11. As a reminder, it is not compulsory to wear a mask under this age.

  • Only one adult person may accompany and collect the child from the meeting points at the start and end of the lessons.

  • To date, there is no limit to the number of pupils imposed by the health protocol. Should this protocol change, the ski schools will adapt the lessons to small groups with the start of lessons at different times.

  • In buildings, for public and professional spaces:
      –   Wearing of the mask is compulsory for people aged 11 and over
      –   Surface disinfection
      –   Disinfection of equipment on loan (bibs, DVA, etc.)
      –   Hand sanitiser provided

Concerning the cancellation and refund conditions specific to covid, we advise you to contact the ski schools directly for further information on their general terms and conditions and the procedures to follow.




  • Masks must be worn by staff.
  • Pedestrian traffic and the presence of customers in main common areas are managed to ensure social distancing, based on the layout of the premises.
  • Buffets are organised so as to prevent customers and employees grouping together.

Rental chalets and apartments:

  • Reinforced cleaning and disinfection protocols using appropriate equipment and virucidal products.
  • The relevant date and disinfection protocol are displayed in all accommodation.
  • The hosting protocol is adapted to take account of barrier gestures.
  • Some accommodation locations have reinforced their preventive and/or cleaning measures (electrostatic disinfectant spraying, contactless payment encouraged, etc.).
Conditions for cancellation
  • Les Gets Réservation 

Cancellation and refund of the stay in the case of exceptional and unavoidable circumstances having important consequences on the progress of your stay (i.e. in the case of border closures, or in the case of services unavailable due to the Covid-19 crisis), refund of the stay (excluding booking fees, agency fees, cancellation insurance).

Cancellation and refund* in case of :
– Lockdown of the traveller’s place of residence.
– Lockdown of the village of Les Gets
– Closure of Les Gets resort for health reasons
– Borders closure
*except booking fees, agency fees, cancellation insurance

Therefore, only the restriction to visit Les Gets resort of Les Gets, imposed by governmental measures, will open rights for a refund. The cancellation of events, the closure of bars or possibly of ski lifts do not constitute a valid reason for a refund of your stay.

Please note that the flexible cancellation conditions do not cover the case of Covid-19 related illness. We invite you to take out the optional cancellation insurance offered (4% of the total amount of the booking) if you wish to be insured for this case.

–> Contact Les Gets Réservation to guide you.


  • Agencies, private accommodation providers, hotels, other accommodation on line :

Many hosts have adopted conditions for cancellation. Please contact your host for more information.

Generally speaking, we strongly encourage you to contact your host to find out about their cleaning and safety protocol as well as their terms and conditions for bookings and cancellations.


Day Care

Resort activities

Alta Lumina :

  • Health pass is mandatory
  • Masks must be worn
  • Hand sanitiser provided

It should be noted that this entire activity takes place outside on an unaccompanied basis (everyone can visit at their own pace), and the pathways are broad enough to allow overtaking while maintaining barrier distances.

Other resort activities  :

The resort’s activity providers have booking and hosting conditions specific to their activity and in accordance with national directives. We advise you to contact them directly for more information.



The free shuttle service will resume from 17 December 2021 to 10 April 2022.

Free shuttles
  • Passengers will be required to wear masks in shuttles and bus stop.
Little train

The litte train service will resume from 19 December 2021 to 10 April 2022.

  • Passengers will be required to wear masks in wagon.

Events and animations

The following measures are in place to guarantee your safety at our shows and events:

  • All applicable ministerial, prefectoral and municipal orders are being observed
  • Shows and events take place outside where possible
  • Masks must be worn on site for guests aged 11 and over, for audiences, technical staff and restaurant/refreshment bar personnel
  • Gloves must be worn by restaurant/refreshment bar personnel
  • Masks available on request
  • Hand sanitiser provided at the entrance and exit of each site
  • Cleaning protocol organised for the equipment provided
  • Signage installed to ensure social distancing is respected at the entrance and exit of the site and at food and drink service locations
  • Signs and banners to provide information/raise awareness/offer a reminder of the hygiene rules at the entrance to each site
  • Reduced number of participants at workshop

Tourist Information Office

  • Health pass not mandatory
  • Signage, barrier gestures and preventive measures on display, floor markings and customer pedestrian traffic route organised and signposted.
  • Reinforced cleaning and disinfection protocol.
  • Masks must be worn, transparent screens installed, hand sanitiser provided.
  • Premises are aired out.
  • Social distancing must be respected and pedestrian traffic and encounters regulated within the reception area of the Tourist Information Office and queues outside.
  • Contactless payment preferred for shows and events as well as in the shop.
  • Limited self-service documentation. Customers are directed to electronic documents: QR codes displayed to download documents.
  • Face-to-face meetings can be booked at quieter times.
  • Seating and child area closed.
  • No tablets available for public use.
  • Fewer elements on display at reception terminals.
  • Reinforced display of information outside the Tourist Information Office.
  • Special Covid-19 page on the website and information available at Tourist Information Office receptions on the specific health measures taken by socio-professional staff: stores, accommodation providers, activity providers, etc.

Town Hall

  • Signage, barrier gestures and preventive measures on display, floor markings and customer pedestrian traffic route organised and signposted.
  • Reinforced cleaning and disinfection protocol.
  • Masks must be worn, transparent screens installed, hand sanitiser provided.
  • Outdoor advertising when possible.

Your responsibility for everyone’ safety

We are doing everything we can to ensure you have a memorable and relaxing holiday, but everyone has their own part to play. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Before you leave

Stay at home if you are showing symptoms (fever, cough and sore throat, headache, difficulty breathing), even mild ones, of Covid-19.

On site

We would ask that you behave in a responsible and civic manner during your stay in Les Gets, by complying with the provisions set out above in the various facilities and establishments of the resort and by respecting our staff as they apply the health measures. 

We encourage you to stay informed of any changes to the health measures applicable in France and restrictions on travelling abroad.

You think you have symptoms related to Covid-19 ?

You should be tested immediately. List of health professionals