La station est ouverte en continu depuis le 20 juin !

The resort is continuously open since June 20 !

Our eco-actions

In order to increase our clients’ awareness regarding the protection of our mountain environment, many actions have been taken over the past few years at the village and ski area level, in winter and summer.

Eco-friendly transports

  • Semi-pedestrianized area : closure of the rue du centre on certain days.
  • Resort bus services : inter-city shuttles, Balad’Aulps Bus’ Line serving the valley, little trains to get around in winter and visit the tourist attractions in summer. Evening mini-bus service direct to your accommodation from 7.30pm to 11.30pm, every day during the season for only 3€/person (1 euro -12yrs accompanied by an adult and free for children under 5 yrs old).
  • Rental of electric mountain bikes in some of the sports shops in the resort and creation of tracks dedicated to this practice in the Portes du Soleil mountain bike area.
  • GetsLib’: provision of electrically-assisted bikes at an advantageous rate.
  • A Cycling Charter: label for accommodation that gives priority to welcoming mountain bikers.


  • Wood-fired central-heating : since 2000, a wood-fired heating system using re-claimed wood has heated 12 municipal buildings via a heating network over a kilometer long.
  • Speed regulation of some lifts to reduce energy consumption and avoid frequent stops, certain lifts now move very slowly.
  • Solar panels are used to operate the Chery Nord radio repeater.
  • Excavation works over the summer months to create gentler slopes and so preserve the snow. The objective is to reduce the piste-bashers’ work and limit snow canon use.
  • Rigorous water controls, reservoirs for drinking water, new generation snow canons (more energy efficient), additive-free snow manufacture.
  • Presence detectors to economize on light and heating in new premises and in detachable lift stations.
Bâtiment en bois chaufferie


  •  Waste collection in different stations in the village
  • Pocket ashtrays : provision of pocket ashtrays at all lift kiosks.
  • Recyclable Lift-passes : all passes or more are sold in a rechargeable hands-free format, so can be reused. The disposable 1-3 day lift-pass are replaced by a flexible hands-free card that clients can put in special collection bins after use. They are recycled to provide new lift passes.
  • An annual rubbish-collection day over the ski area
  • Biodegradable oil for piste bashers
  • Purchase of guaranteed ‘eco-cups’ for events.


  • Environmental charters : an environmental charter for accommodation providers, highlighting the most ecologically responsible has been introduced.
  • Involvement of local services and businesses : local services and businesses helps in preserving the environment : geothermal systems, heat pumps, organic wines, local produce, organic products used for ski maintenance.
  • Re-turfing of the summer activity area. This protects the ground from erosion, integrates the pistes with the natural countryside, helps stabilise the snow cover and encourages biodiversity.
  • Participation in European and environmental initiatives in conjunction with partners such as l’Ademe, Priorieterre, Mountain Riders, Clim’Alp Tour, The University of Savoie Mont Blanc …
  • Creation of eco-events : preservation of host sites, provisioning with local products, use of recycled paper or PEFC, waste sorting, shows and events on the theme of the environment … like the Four Elements Festival 


  • Rigorous water management, hillside reservoir reserved for drinking water.
  • Inventories and action plan for the preservation of wetlands present on the ski area.
  • Summer earthworks so that the ground is gradually sloping and the snow cover is more regular. The aim is to reduce the work of tampers and the production of artificial snow.
  • Re-surfacing of the ski area in the summer: protection of the soil against erosion, integration of the slopes into the landscape, better fixation of the snow cover, restoration of biodiversity…
Prairie et montagnes en été avec retenue collinaire en fond


  • A protection zone for Black Grouse has been established with signposting explaining the protected species.
  • Creation of a “life-size” vegetable garden in the summer, the Père Delavay garden.
  • The Chablais region has joined the European Geopark programme, a UNESCO initiative. The Geopark is an area with a rich geological heritage and a site of ecological, historical and cultural interest. Holiday makers and locals alike can come to the site to learn about the local geology. The Georoute circuit is an important part of the Geopark. It is a walking route linking 20 of the most interesting geological sites where visitors can learn about the geology specific to the region, as they walk.

    Les Gets is a site with a rich geological identity. The peatlands educational circuit is located close to the wet lands by the Lac des Ecoles. Guided by information panels installed along the walking path, the whole family can enjoy this activity free of charge and learn about the geology specific to this interesting area.