What to do this winter in Les Gets ?

Quality Tourism Label

Following a quality audit, the Tourist Office of Les Gets received again the label “Qualité Tourisme”, May 21st 2019, for 5 years.

A commitment to Quality

Les Gets Tourisme is reinforcing its approach towards eco-resorts by committing to Quality Tourism label.

After the ISO 14001 label, the Quality Tourism label will allow the Tourist Office of Les Gets to take concrete and structured actions towards customers and partners.

Our commitments

  • To organize practices and uses and to formalize them.
  • To value the work and skills of its employees.
  • To provide reliable information adapted to the demand.
  • To improve the accessibility and visibility of the Tourist Office.
  • To affirm our eco-resort positioning by explaining it.
  • To take into account customers’ remarks, to propose corrective or preventive actions by aiming at the continuous improvement of our operation.
  • To propose new technology services.
  • To strengthen collective involvement.
  • To enhance the value of local resources.
  • To reinforce the role of network leader.

Our objectives

  • To create synergies between the Tourist Office and its partners.
  • To ensure the circulation of information.
  • To develop economic performance of the resort.
  • To ensure the motivation of local actors.
  • To respect the commitments to our different charters & labels.
  • To organize the work within the EO team.

Organization and resources

  • A Board of Directors which validates the Tourist Office’s commitment to the Quality Tourism label with the local Quality Working Group.
  • A Department in charge of setting up and steering the project to ensure its success.
  • A Quality Manager, Gaëlle Le Coz, who coordinates all the actions to be carried out; the work carried out is validated by the Director and the President.

2020 Eco-resort strategy

Every mindful of its eco-environmental footprint and continually looking to the future, the municipality of Les Gets is currently working on a new environmental development strategy. Further to projects undertaken by the village between 1993-2003 and 2003-2013 which have now been completed, this new strategy looks longer term towards 2020.

In 2011 the municipality was a pilot site for the European project ‘ClimAlp Tour’ (a study of climate change and its impact on tourism in the Alps).

The principal objectives were:

  • Analysis of the potential impact climate change could have on tourist sites in the Alps
  • Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses, assets, limitations and potential areas of vulnerability to the impact of climate change.

To propose adaptation and management strategies best suited to the tourism industry in les Gets.

It is following on from this programme that Les Gets has drawn up its “Strategy 2020” building on the initiatives introduced by ClimAlp Tour and applying them in a concrete and relevant way to territorial and tourism development in Les Gets. Careful deliberation, with assistance from the Institut de la Montagne (Mountain Institute), will lead to decisions on how to implement the various development programmes. These programmes will then provide the basis of the tourism marketing and communication strategy from now until 2020.

The objective, as always, is to continue the sustainable development policy of the municipality (environmentally, economically and socially) and confirm Les Gets’ positioning as an “eco-village”.

In order to do this 5 areas of study were selected (constituting 5 working groups) :

  • Urbanism
  • Transport
  • Economy / Year-round opening
  • Ecology / Sustainable development
  • Marketing / Communication

Short-term initiatives will be launched, and those of medium to long term will be planned and programmed to ensure the municipality moves towards the Les Gets 2020 vision of the future.