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Summer shuttles map

Winter shuttles map

An extra hour in the evening during the vacations:
During the school vacations, the end of service schedule for the different lines will therefore be:

LINE A 18:50 and 19:20
LINE B 18:50 and 19:20
LINE C 18:50 and 19:20
LINE D 18:35, 18:50 and 19:20
LINE E 18:35, 18:55 and 19:15

During the winter season, a night shuttle serves the resort of Les Gets and the surrounding hamlets in the evening. The shuttle will run from Saturday 17/12/22 until Friday 30/03/23.

100% natural fuel

All Les Gets Bus vehicles will run on Oleo100, a renewable energy from rapeseed grown and processed in France. This choice will reduce greenhouse gas production by 60% and fine particle emissions by up to 80% compared to diesel.