Que faire aux Gets au printemps ? Découvrir

List of summer marked footpaths

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Belvédère des Nauchets

An easy trail designed for families with young children and perfect for an afternoon snack.

Image boucles des clarines

La Boucle des Clarines

Magnificent views over Mont Blanc. Suitable for all ages, this walk is possible with a pushchair, as long as you have one with off-road wheels.

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The Jacquicourt Chapel

Discover the Plateau de Loëx. Bring a picnic to fully enjoy the experience. Admire the Jacquicourt Chapel, built in 1679 and reconstructed from 1986 to 1989, marking the end of centuries-old conflicts between Taninges, Verchaix, and Les Gets.

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Le Circuit des chèvres

A straightforward family walk, during which you will be able to admire the wooden statues.

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Le Grand Tour des Chavannes

Bring a picnic and drinks. Route for good walkers and those interested in discovering the whole of Les Chavannes area. Views over Mont Blanc, the valley of Morzine and all of the most stunning peaks of the Chablais area. * les Puthays: from “holes and wells” (“trous et puits”), this village seems to have existed for a long time. * la Culaz: from the surname Culaz. A person named Culaz was a notary in Les Gets.

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Le Grand Tour du Mont-Chéry et variante

This walk allows you to discover the whole of the Mont-Chéry area; you will appreciate the contrast between the south and north-facing sides. The alternative route allows you to rejoin the Lachat mountain pass, from where there is a superb view of the Mont Blanc mountain range and the Prealps. Watch out for the technically challenging sections where the path is narrow and sometimes slippery.


Le sentier des Myrtilles

Sentier facile adapté pour les familles accompagnées de petits enfants.

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Le Sentier des Tétards

An easy walk suitable for children and pleasant for an afternoon snack by the lake.

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Le sentier mauve

Petite randonnée ludique, d’initiation à l’environnement alpin dans l’esprit de découvrir la montagne.

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Le Tour des Mouilles

“A downhill path which is very easy for the whole family. Don’t forget to make a detour onto the “sentier de la Tourbière”.