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Sports programme

Are you ready for an unforgettable sporting experience? Join us for a programme where excitement, competition and fun meet! Get ready to immerse yourself in thrilling days of action, where talented athletes will compete in a series of captivating events. Whether you’re a sports fanatic or just looking for a dose of adrenaline, this is the event for you.

❗This event is completely free to the public and open to all ❗

Thursday 4th July

08.30am to 06.00pm : Training

Friday 5th July

From 08.30am to 02.00pm : Training
12:00pm : DHI / Qualification Women
12:30pm : DHI / Qualification Men
02:00pm : DHI / Qualification Women Junior
02:15pm : DHI / Qualification Men Junior
03:00pm : DHI / Demi Finale Women
03:30pm : DHI / Demi Finale Men

04:45pm : XCC / Short Track Women U23
05:20pm : XCC / Short Track Men U23
06:00pm : XCC / Short Track Women
06:35pm : XCC / Short Track Men

Saturday 6th July

From 09:00am to 12:00pm : Training
11:30am : DHI / Finale Women Junior
12:00pm : DHI / Finale Men Junior
01:15pm : DHI / Finale Women
02:00pm : DHI / Finale Men

Sunday 7th July

09:00am : XCO / Women U23
11:00am : XCO / Women
01:30pm : XCO / Men
03:30 : XCO / Men U23