Our commitments

A sporting and eco-responsible trail

The mountain is your playground and our living environment. The preservation of this space is part of the spirit of our sport, and even more so that of the Trail des Gets.

Through our eco-responsible charter, we are doing our utmost to reduce our environmental impact during the Trail des Gets :

  • Organic and/or local products: at the refreshment posts, the post-race meals…
  • Local suppliers and service providers: first aid, equipment, refreshments, timing, gifts, communication
  • Eco-citizen actions: selective sorting, recycled cups, carpooling
  • Respect for the environment: reusable markers, trails cleaning after the race, prohibition to leave waste on the course outside the refreshment posts, not cutting the paths and following the markers
  • Eco-communication: limit our printing, use recycled paper, download useful documents
  • Awareness of runners, accompanying persons, staff

Any behaviour that does not respect nature will be grounds for disqualification as it will hinder the event.