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Internal Regulations “Les Fripouilles” Daycare Centre

Article 1:
The Fripouilles day care center is managed by SAGETS.

Article 2:
Les Fripouilles daycare is open during the winter season 2022/2023 from Sunday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. The daycare is closed on Saturdays.

Article 3:
It receives children from 6 months to 4 years old. The number of children cannot exceed 30.

Article 4:
The daycare is closed from 12:30 to 2:00 pm.

Article 5:
The parents will bring in a bag in the name of the child, the “cuddly toys”, diapers, bottles, slippers, and changing clothes in sufficient quantity.

Article 6:
Meals are provided by the nursery for children over 12 months. For babies, meals are provided by the parents. Only products that do not need to be kept cold will be accepted (baby food jars, prepared plates, individual cartons of pasteurised milk). We do not accept prepared meals from parents.

Article 7:
Any medical treatment or diet can only be applied if the parents provide a medical prescription.

Article 8:
Children shall be returned only to the persons who have entrusted them to the day-care centre or to persons designated by them and entered in the day-care centre’s register. The handing over of a child in custody to a minor shall not be accepted unless duly authorized.

Article 9:
No child suspected of being ill may be received at the day-care centre. The same shall apply during the period of eviction in force, and for children whose brothers and sisters are suffering from a contagious disease.

Article 10:
The child must be entrusted to the day-care centre in possession of his or her health record. The child must have the compulsory vaccinations (polio-diphtheria, tetanus). In case of medical contraindications for these vaccinations, the parents must provide a medical certificate issued by a doctor and sign a release. The parents will be asked for a written commitment authorizing the person in charge of the nursery to take all the initiatives required by the child’s condition in case of accident or sudden illness of the child.

Article 11:
The day nursery is not responsible for personal objects brought by the children, in case of loss or breakage.

Article 12:
As soon as a child is admitted to the day-care centre, his or her surname, first name, address on the station and the telephone number of his or her parents must be recorded on a form.

Article 13:
Parents undertake to ensure that their child is insured.

Article 14:
Refunds will only be accepted on presentation of a medical certificate. They will only be made from the 2nd day of absence.

Article 15:
In order to respect the child and the group, the nursery reserves the right to refuse a child who has not adapted to the structure after 2 half days.

Article 16:
The parents or the persons designated by them must take the child back before the closing time of the daycare. In the case of a too important delay, the Gendarmerie will be called. Two successive breaches of this rule will result in the refusal to take in the child in the future.

Article 17:
The present rules of the nursery are posted. Parents acknowledge having read these rules when registering their child .