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Ski touring

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Les Gets Ski Touring Trails

Do you like exploring new natural settings, working out in large white-open spaces, getting away from the crowds on the slopes? Then ski touring could be your new favorite sport activity this winter!

Luckily, Les Gets resort has set up marked and secure routes to allow all nature lovers to discover the more “wild” side of the area, the Mont Chéry.

The ascent of the Mont Chéry

Les Gets offers you a ski touring itinerary, marked out and secure, for all skiers that are looking for the great outdoors and physical exercise!

You start in Les Gets village, at the bottom of the Chamois slope, then you follow the itinerary to arrive at the top of the Mont Chéry with a stunning view of the Mont Blanc mountain range.

Tracé ski de randonée Montée du Chéry
Profil piste de ski randonnée Mont Chéry

The ascent of Chavannes

Starting from the village, the route joins the Lac des Ecoles and climbs along the Chemin de la Mouille Ronde and then near the Cyclamen trail. Its location in the woods gives it a pleasantly wild feel. A final effort along the Rhodos piste takes you to the summit of Les Nauchets with a beautiful view with a beautiful view of the whole ski area and the surrounding peaks.

Ski touring, who is it for ?

Personnes faisant du ski de randonnée à côté d'une piste

For performance or for pleasure, on marked trails or off-piste*, in the middle of the day or at sunrise/sunset, mountain skiing can take very different forms depending on the motivations and aspirations of its practitioners.

Ski touring is a sport accessible to all, knowing that one must be able to endure the ascent (each at his or her own pace) and to ski downhill, on different types of terrain and qualities of snow.

*Off-piste skiing requires you to follow a good number of safety rules: analysis of the weather, the layers of snow and the terrain, specific safety equipment (DVA, airbag backpack…), etc.

Ski touring for beginners

To accompany your first outings, we advise you to call on the ski instructors or mountain guides available in Les Gets. They will teach you everything you need to know about mountain skiing, from equipment and safety rules to techniques for easy going up / down.

Regarding equipment, many rental and sports shops in Les Gets offer the rental or sale of equipment (new or used) suitable for all levels and all practices.

Sunset on top of the Mont Chéry

A few safety rules on the marked routes

  • The circulation on this itinerary (ascent and descent) is forbidden at night, only allowed during opening hours of the ski area: between 9am and 5pm. Outside these hours you may risk getting caught in the cables of the snow groomers. 
  • Don’t leave too late, or you will not have enough time to go down before the closing.
  • The itinerary is only meant to do the ascent. The descent can only be done by the ski slopes during the ski area opening.
  • The track’s maintenance is done by users.
  • The itinerary can be entirely or partially closed due to safety reasons, by the ski patrol.
  • Before you go, check the status of the slope

First aid station n°: +33 (0)4 50 79 72 22 or 112

The benefits of ski touring

A full-body workout

Cross-country skiing is practiced in two stages: the ascent, for cardio, and the descent, for sliding. The climb is performed using sealskins placed under the skis which adhere to the snow. The descent is the reward for the effort of the ascent. Departing from a snow-capped summit or in the heart of a pine forest, mountain skiing offers you indescribable sensations of gliding and freedom.

In harmony with nature

Ski touring is a gentler approach to the mountains, respectful of the environment and which allows (when you are lucky) the privileged observation of the local fauna and flora. As a bonus: you will discover secret spots and undisclosed panoramas little known to the general public.

And according to your desires

The immense advantage of ski touring is that you can practice a good part of the year (from October to June when the snow is there) without depending on ski lifts and ski passes.