The artists

We propose two stand up evenings in French (16th and 17th January) and English (18th and 19th January) where a range of renowned artists.

The English 🇬🇧

Maisie Adam

Maisie’s comedy career kicked off in 2017, when she entered the nationwide So You Think You’re Funny? competition (which has previously been won by many of her comedy heroes, including Peter Kay, Aisling Bea, and Tom Allen). Before she knew it, she found herself with a place in the Grand Final, held at the Gilded Balloon up at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and on 24th August she won the competition, becoming only the 4th woman to have done so in its’ 30-year history. The following year, Maisie was nominated for the Best Newcomer award at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards for her debut show ‘Vague’, where she also won the Amused Moose National Comic Award.
Maisie’s anecdotal material and witty charm have quickly won her praise up and down the country and she has since appeared on Mock the Week, Have I Got News for You, QI, Roast Battle, 8 Out of 10 Cats, Hypothetical and The Stand-Up Sketch Show. She also hosts the podcast ‘That’s A First’ alongside fellow comedian Tom Lucy.

Suzi Rufell

Suzi Ruffell is a British comedian, podcast host, and radio personality, born on February 13, 1986. She is known for her humorous style and social activism. Suzi made her debut in the comedy world in the early 2010s and has since gained popularity in the British comedy scene.
She has appeared on various comedy shows on radio and television, and she is also known for her podcast “Like Minded Friends,” which she co-hosts with Tom Allen. Suzi Ruffell often addresses topics such as relationships, sexual identity, and social issues in her comedic work.

Lara Ricote

Lara Ricote is a Mexican-American-Venezuelan stand up comedian and writer whose debut show, GRL/LATNX/DEF, won the Best Newcomer Award at the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The year before that, she won the 2021 Funny Stage Women Award. 
Since starting to work in the UK in 2021, she’s been on Mel Giedroyc’s Unforgivable, Question Team, QI, Alan Davies’ As Of Yet Untitled, Comedy Central Live and World’s Most Dangerous Roads. She has performed all over the UK, Europe and Argentina. She performs in both Spanish and in English. 
She’s currently based in Amsterdam, NL where she produces/performs comedy. There, she’s opened for Maria Bamford and Hannah Gadsby. 
The Guardian describes her as a “razor-sharp goofball,” and her debut show as a “riotously inventive show that blurs notions of race, gender and disability.” 

Phil Wang

Phil Wang is a British-Malaysian stand-up comedian, writer and actor. He released his first Netflix special, Philly Philly Wang Wang, in 2021 and has since performed stand-up on Late Night with Seth Meyers (NBC), been interviewed by chat show royalty on That’s My Time with David Letterman (Netflix), and his first book Sidesplitter: How to be from Two Worlds at Once was named a Times and Sunday Times Book of the Year. 
Phil regularly performs stand-up to sell- out crowds around the world and his other notable television credits include Inside Amy Schumer (Comedy Central), Life & Beth (Hulu), The Comedy Line-Up (Netflix), Taskmaster (Channel 4), Live at the Apollo (BBC2) and has made ten appearances on Have I Got News For You(BBC1). He has previously written and starred in his own Radio 4 special, Wangsplaining which won Best Scripted Comedy (Longform) at the 2020 BBC Audio Awards, fronted the Audible original series Phil Wang Hates Horror, and co-hosts the hit podcast BudPod with Pierre Novellie. 

Celya AB

Originally from Paris, Celya AB is a stand-up and writer – with a magnetic stage presence and brilliantly crafted material. She has enjoyed a critically acclaimed sold out run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Soho Theatre. Celya has appeared on Yesterday, Today And The Day Before (Comedy Central); Festival of Funny Live (BBC); written for and appeared on The News Quiz (BBC R4) and was a series writer on Guessable (Comedy Central). Celya’s rapidly growing fan base has led to her supporting both the legendary US comic Maria Bamford, and the acclaimed musician St Vincent, on their respective recent UK tours. She was a regular stand-up on The Guilty Feminist podcast’s live UK tour. 

Larry Dean

Larry Dean is a Scottish comedian born on May 23, 1990. He is known for his talent in the world of stand-up comedy. Larry began his career in the comedy scene in the early 2010s, performing at open mics and participating in comedy festivals.
Over the years, Larry Dean has gained recognition for his witty humor and easygoing charm. He often tackles personal and social themes in his performances, providing a humorous perspective on various aspects of everyday life.

Brennan Reece

Brennan Reece is a British comedian hailing from Manchester, born on September 7, 1990. He is primarily known for his performances in the realm of stand-up comedy. Brennan embarked on his comedy career in the early 2010s and has since garnered attention for his unique style and onstage charisma.
Reece has participated in several comedy festivals in the United Kingdom and has been praised for his approachable humor and personal stories. In addition to his stage career, he has also ventured into other realms of entertainment, including television and radio.

Matt Richardson

Matt Richardson is a British comedian and television presenter, born on May 28, 1991. He rose to prominence through his talents in stand-up comedy and appearances on various television programs in the United Kingdom.
Matt Richardson began his stand-up career in the early 2010s and quickly gained attention for his lively humor and charismatic stage presence. He has also worked as a presenter, appearing on television shows such as “The Xtra Factor” and “Celebrity Haunted Mansion.”

The French 🇫🇷

Pierre Thévenoux

After going through the Jamel Comedy Club and honing his skills on the stages of Paris, Pierre offers you a sharp and effective stand-up.
Come see him, he’ll talk to you just as well about himself, the world, God, pigeons, and many other things that seem boring but are actually quite interesting (for your information, Pierre is the one writing this summary, but he uses “he” to make it seem like he has a team with him).


A nectar of jokes, crafted over many years. You may have already spotted him on Parisian stages like Paname Art Café, at the Jamel Comedy Club, or opening for Paul Mirabel, where Franjo hones parts of his show to reserve the best for you.
An hour to talk to you about himself, his ex, Melun, and other societal subjects with a lot of irony. An hour that often passes too quickly: you won’t be disappointed. You won’t emerge more mature from this show, but happier!

Cécile Marx

Cécile Marx is a comedian and actress. After performing in several comedies on the stages of Parisian theaters, she delves into stand-up in 2018 and frequents comedy clubs before fine-tuning the first version of her show at the Fridge Comedy Club.
Cécile now performs her show at the BO Saint-Martin theater. On stage and in her Instagram videos, Cécile expresses herself with absurdity and cynicism. Humor that is best enjoyed “Raw.”

Tristan Lucas

Tristan Lucas is a happy Frenchman. Yes, he’s a rare specimen. Deceptively slow, casually hyperactive, he juggles multiple projects: a stand-up tour on a bicycle (2 bikes, 1 mic), a Spanish-language comedy platform (Buena Risa Comedy), a podcast (Sur un plateau), improvisation (Les Ours dans ta baignoire). He disperses himself to better (re)discover himself.
As for jokes, he teases the “bobos” (bourgeois bohemians), brings laughter with musings on the slave museum (because yes, you can laugh about anything), and takes you on his luggage rack for a little tour of the world of human folly.

Ghislain Blique

It’s challenging to pigeonhole Ghislain. The category of antiheroes, perhaps, on the verge of exasperation with every uttered phrase. In essence, what he recounts is just a part of a whole. It’s his impactful manner of doing so that captivates the audience and enlivens the venues. He narrates his joys, successes, sorrows, and failures with the same tone.

You might have seen Ghislain:
On the Jamel Comedy Club
Seasons 11 & 12 on Canal+
A member of the troupe since 2021
On France 2 several times in Génération Paname
In “Comique!” on various podcast platforms
On Comédie+, Pasquinade…
Every night in the best comedy clubs in Paris

Sofia Belabbes

It was at the age of 8, watching video tapes of the performances of the great comedians from the 90s, that I myself felt the desire to step onto the stage. After 10 years of theater and 2 years of public speaking, it was in the world of stand-up that I found my calling. For the past 3 and a half years, I’ve been hitting the open stages of Paris to test the sketches I write on my own. They aim to bring to light the ups and downs of life in XXL, from the perspective of a young woman whose body has changed and her worldview along with it.
Onstage, I recount moments of life, experiences lived by a 25-year-old woman—her encounters, struggles, and adventures. All of it told with a lot of self-deprecation, to share with the audience that “joyful laughter” that defines me well.

Malika Bianco

Her journey, her origins from Kazakhstan, her Algerian first name… Malika Bianco, from the Jamel Comedy Club troupe, has so much to tell us that she doesn’t know where to start!